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"We just gotta convince the normie to see it's in his interest to have free speech"

You will never accomplish this, the normie's ancestors had nothing to do with crafting the founding documents, or worked to overthrow it. There is no middle ground in that.

@p @benisnotreal so the illuminati are spergs too? How do we join? Where do we receive a bonafide Luciferian initiation?
@p @benisnotreal
banning tranny spammer?
hopefully not bringing that cock sucker into my TL
@meowski @benisnotreal Being no longer in the office, I had a minute to think about this.

If @wirelessguru1 is doing it on this server, that's not allowed, but other than telling the admins on the server he's using, this is kind of one of the items on the list of shit I hate about Twitter: the whole "things you do on other websites that are not Twitter can get you banned from Twitter" clause to their ToS. Banning him here doesn't alter what he can do on other servers. If he's not doing it here, talking about it here, or planning it with people here, then I think it's outside my jurisdiction.

If you did notify the admins and the admins are not responding, that's probably a bigger deal. I don't want to defederate with anyone but there's an option to add the NSFW flag to all media coming from a given instance. We could potentially try that if you've got links.
@p @lizzeboof if you want to flag all the instances i have in my block list go ahead. but it's still spam which imo is grounds for a server side block.

This is really an administrative task not something every user he's targeting should have to do individually
@meowski @Zilya

All right, I don't think a spammer getting past the admin is a reason to block an entire server, and I still don't want to block any other servers. Six of the instances had no admin account in their instance info, but one of them had an email address, you can email him at contact atsign

Hello, other admins: @PA0ETE , @realitygaps , @balancer , @GeorgePotter , @dominion , @status , @gougerenet , @stuntpope , @emanuel , @status , @connor , @gougerenet , @Tyrent

Sorry to tag all of you out of nowhere. I am getting reports of spam accounts (untagged/unsolicited porn) on your instances. Please see the post I am replying to, or the attached screenshot for a list. I don't have any specific links, but the user that brought it to my attention is generally reliable so it warrants looking into.
spam.png Admin @status


Thanks for bringing this to my attention (and sorry for the slow reply).

The accounts in question have been suspended. It's been getting a little difficult at of late to stay on top of this, my apologies.

@status No worries, I am familiar with the admin's headaches, and I know that time can be short. Sorry for the noise.