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Okay, TF story time! Who wants to hang out at Cookie skunk's house and get transformed? ^^
Could be e.g. tail- or scent-triggered; feral, plush, clothes, furniture, and more!
Will pick a few, £25 each (1000+ words per slot), reply/DM and let me know what you'd like. <3

A little bit of #transformation Show more

On my way to Golden Leaves Con. See you soon, if you're going. ^^

I think I actually need to write something like code soon. It's been a long time.

Although the only thing I have in mind is for story thumbnails: a script to take input, and generate images for use when uploading my stories to sites.

Although a story cross-post tool wouldn't be too bad...

I'm sleepy. I got to sleep late and woke up early. I will have coffee.

*work, work, work work workworkwork
okay stuff is actually getting done now-*
Oh hey, isn't bread awesome? Palatable, reliable, versatile. Bread. <3
*wait, what was I doing again?*

Coffee is so fickle. XD

Reading through the Culture series, finally. Onto book three. :D

Thinking about time dilation in SF. Where going at near-light speeds changes the subjective passage of time. Any recommendations for stories that tackle that in an interesting way?

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I think I've worked out my view of what instances are. It's given me another idea for a research project for my MSc, which isn't a bad thing. ^^

Dook dook! Morning all. ^^

I keep looking at toot, and wondering how easy it would be to find/replace it in the source with dook... :3