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Christmas tree madness Show more

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Guess since I never got around to it before, here's some proper

I'm a friendly part-time wolf who runs

Cloud herder and devoperator as a day job

Bi, gay married

Trying to be as good an ally to my trans friends as I possibly can be

I'm into sci-fi like nobody's business and still feel bitter about all the stuff they promised us in the 80s that we never got

Expect random musings, mostly

Airways happy to chat, feel free to say hi.

After many years I'm doing a little something for Mabon again this year.
Feels kinda nice.

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City of London's gender survey closes soon - help defy the TERFs Show more

Hello trans friends, can I ask for some advice?

In a professional setting (e.g. client meeting, job interview), do you consider it polite for the other person to ask about preferred pronouns or does it come across as patronising?
Could it be taken to suggest you don't "pass" well enough?

How would you like people to address the issue? Assume they need to know because they will speak to colleagues / write about the meeting afterwards.

(Boosts appreciated)

Recruiter: Come work in Dubai

Me: Gay people like me get sent to prison in Dubai...

Recruiter: Bah, humbug. I saw a gay man once! He didn't complain!


Falconer on repeat.
It's that kind of morning.

Second day of today.
It really feels like there's a sea change going on in the industry right now.
Lots of focus on self-examination, mental health, compassion and how to make the people you work with feel valued.
We could do with some of that.

Really chuffed that I got to talk to Nickolas Means at .
I love his stuff.
Plus, is talk on imposter syndrome from way back really had a huge impact on my life.

Anyone who's struggling with this at times should watch it.

At LeadDev London today.
Kinda excited, even though I hate crowds.
Hope it'll be a good one.

It is way too hot this morning. ><

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Hi Mastodon, I killed my Twitter account a few weeks ago, and 15 minutes ago I pulled the plug on Facebook.

I wanna be your friend! We could talk about #bicycling or #Cheesemaking or #Baking or maybe #Writing? Maybe we could play frisbee and get a water-ice later?

How do I get into this scene?

So... cluster-proportional-autoscaler release history goes 1.1.0 > 1.1.1 > 1.1.2 > 1.1.2-rc2

I'm not sure which disturbs me more, the RC release after the GA or the question of what happened to rc1...

Hmm... This upgrade could have gone smoother...
First an odd Active record error, then an emoji breaking web UI... *grumbles*

Nothing ever rocks and nothing ever rolls and nothing's every worth the cost...

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I've fallen way out of touch with trends in web development.

Which technologies would you use nowadays to start a mid-size webapp scaling up to tens of thousands (not millions) of users and gigabytes (not terabytes) of database-like storage?

I'm looking fora coherent answer covering the entire stack: cloud hosting, storage backend, IPC, programming languages, web frameworks, client-side frameworks... plus anything related to testing and deployment.

A friend of mine is raising money for by way of a 24h World of Tanks marathon this Friday.

Join in if you wanna laugh along and donate if you can.

(Boosts welcome)

alcohol Show more

It's just as well, though. After the incident we had at work this weekend, any delay before having to write the post-mortem is welcome.

Today is starting out fun...
Train to work delayed, short-formed AND on the wrong platform.
It's a railway fuckup value pack!

Saw Hidden Figures last night.
Really good film, I thought.
Totally a must-see if you're a space nut like me.

Feels, violence, being queer Show more