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Tungro / Seritus @Tungro

Gmail on Android complains when a mail server cert changed (good) but doesn't let you proceed to say it's ok (bad).

Let's Encrypt's certs are valid for 3 months.


...thanks, crappy Gmail app -_-

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@Tungro I'm really sorry this stems from my doing. Quite honestly, I'd done it to /avoid/ cert change issues, and you're the first to report any problems. Do let me know if you need me to put it back.

Alternatively, if you're considering a new client that I'd consider better (I know this is personal opinion), do take a look at K-@: play.google.com/store/apps/det

Don't worry! It's not your fault at all that the app is not coded to handle something so simple. You totally did the right thing by changing the certificate to one with a chain with a trusted CA. If it was a problem with what you did, I'd have come to you. But the problem lies with the email client.

Thanks for the recommendation, you're the second to have mentioned that one. I'm trying out Outlook first as apparently their Android client is actually really good. Will report back!

@Tungro Well colour me surprised about Outlook, I'd be very interested to hear your opinions!

@Tungro Also, that's my first ever mention on Mastodon, so thank you! :-)