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And I've survived Ohio, in Toledo now, slept my way across.

Wow, an app offers a free trial of premium features! Needs me to log in... ok they need to verify people aren’t re-using the trial (sure...). Needs a credit card... for a free trial? Nope, not going to happen 🙅‍♂️

Arrrgh! There's a film of sunscreen on my glasses, and I can't clean it off!

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Not too sure about resiliency against ransomware, the archive propagates machine to machine, but there are multiple OS, and airgapped offsite drives, so unless the malware hits macOS, windows and Linux simultaneously, I should have backups still. Plus bitdefender ransomware protection!

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Christmas is saved! I’ve replaced the retic controller, AND repaired the nerf gun! Feeling pretty accomplished 😎

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Ssssh, it’s secret time... I wrapped my wife’s present in 5 layers of paper, reinforced with unnecessary amounts of tape 🤗 Should be fun! 🤯🤣

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Fun fact: Microsoft is now making a web browser with Google tech, in turn based in Apple tech, in turn based in KDE tech

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