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If a time traveller introduced a modern term (like YouTube) into early history, we would just assume the modern name was derived from the historical reference. Maybe many of our words have futuristic origins, but seem historical to us!

“...car owners tend to think that while buying a regular car increases the environmental burden, buying a hybrid car doesn’t” - this is like saying broken biscuits, or food eaten while walking contain no calories!

@frinkeldoodle I am so feeling you there! I signed up as a Scout Leader.
Goodbye free time!

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Accidental impact of mountain bike with male genetalia Show more

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There are lots of things about mac that are easy (booting the full OS from USB? Target Disk mode?), but dealing with supported hardware is a painful experience.

Fuck! Setting up macos deployment systems can be a pain in the arse! Which verson goes with which hardware, updating netboots as well as deploystudio, or macs not booting from USB. I just want it to work!

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If you could 3D print something at school, what would it be (that a teacher would approve of)?

I'm a STEM teacher, at a school that has just got a 3D printer. I've got SOME experience with Blender, but none with 3D printing. Can anyone recommend any tutorials for how to model for 3D printing? Lots of rubbish info around

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@hanny@godforsaken.website I hate when companies roll the feedback all into one. I’ll rate the individual person highly, while at the same time rating the company really low. It’s not the phone persons fault that their product/service/support is bullshit!

So excited for Subnautica Below Zero! Subnautica is one of my favourite games of all time!

As long as posts are accessible to the public, the google and Facebook data machines can still index, catalogue, and compile data on the people/images/content of posts outside of their network. Getting away from the ad machine is difficult!

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